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Who likes hand sewing?   General Discussion

Started Mar-24 by MelRN; 1733 views.

From: MelRN


I've noticed some people enjoy hand piecing and some don't. Who all likes it? Who doesn't?

I'm firmly in the "no" camp, but really admire those who do. Just curious on our ratios :D Fun new discussion to chit chat about!

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CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


I did hand stitching of many things when I was young but now I tend to get cramps in my fingers, so do little of it.
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I like hand-stitching a lot - especially like to hand-stitch bindings when there is time.  I like hand-piecing okayyy, but it's not my favorite.  After a few tries at EPP, I've decided I really do not like it much at all.  But I do like applique, big stitch quilting, "slow" stitching, simple embroidery and other embellishments.  I do enjoy helping Ellen bind a quilt at the beginning of each VOS retreat.  



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From: judyinohio


For decades I did needlepoint work and counted cross stitch work, plus I spun yarn and knitted; I also did medical transcription. Carpal tunnel problems put an end to those kinds of "hand work" in the early 1990s. I took up quilt making in 1993 doing all quilt work strictly on my vintage Singer sewing machine.

Quilting saved my creative life. I get the twitches if I try to do water colors or anything with a paintbrush or colored pens so I am stuck with quilting. wink

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Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


I am firmly in the love handwork camp.... I will be very put out if this stupid disease makes it so I can't tolerate handwork...

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I LOVE handwork, tho funnily enough not hand sewing binding.  But I adore applique.  And I'm getting the hang of EPP.  I do enjoy hand piecing as well.  I too worry about the day when I can no longer do hand work, but for now I'm doing ok, as long as I don't over do it.  I love being able to sew in the car or while waiting before a meeting, etc.  I haven't gotten the nerve to do it during church but I have thought about it...  I have a nervous habit of picking at my cuticles.  Hand sewing keeps my fingers busy.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

I haven't gotten the nerve to do it during church but I have thought about it.

Kathi Shunn does that!  I'll admit I was astonished .... I think I would be "smoted" should I do anything in church but listen to the sermon.  LOL!  It never would have occurred to me to multi-task in church .. but I certainly do it elsewhere.  I know I can listen whilst stitching .. HOURS of being a passenger in the car on road trips and listening to audio books prove that!  :-)


From: MelRN


That's how I am...I have arthritis in hands and carpel tunnel so it hurts too much. :) I totally get it.


From: bornblesse2


I am always greatful when you help out on those bindings when you come, JOnna!  Especial this year when you and Ami finished up the edges on the quilts for Denise’s family!  That was a lot of work we got accomplished for them!

i like hand sewing!  I enjoy sewing down my bindings - although most of my charity ones I do by machine.  I dabble in EPP, and I even hand pieced a couple of my last DJ blocks and found I enjoyed doing that!

at times, I have to limit the time I can hand stitch if it activates my arthritis.   But love to have hand work I can pick up to do - esp when I go places.

my cousin stitches (and tats) in church.  But I tend to want to hold it up close to my eyes.  I think if I could keep it in my lap it wouldn't distract others.  But I know I'm so easily distracted, I don't want to distract others.  Plus I still have that small child fear that the preacher is going to call me out in front of everyone.  I can still see my parent's double GLARE from the choir while I sat by myself on the 2nd row - talk about "the fear of God" - phew!