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Stick a Fork in it ... The "This is My Life" Quilt is Done   General Discussion

Started Apr-5 by judyinohio; 2242 views.

From: judyinohio


We'll start off with my idea of a classic photo at my house; the quilt is draped over our living room sofa.  This was the first time that I have made a quilt where the outer border, the backing and the binding were all cut from the same fabric; that was a great experience.

To the left of the big "FUN-WIN" block made of Scrabble tile print letters I've printed my name for this quilt: "This is My Life" which is a take-off of the old Ralph Edwards' show "This is Your Life" that was on black and white TV back in the 1950s.( If you are too young to recall that show check it out on YouTube.) I had left that gold fabric blank for a while because I was uncertain about what to name the quilt.

DH was sitting at the kitchen table this morning when I asked him to take a photo of me "modeling" the quilt. The thing is heavy (used Warm & Plush batting) and I could not get it over my shoulders without his help (more about that in a minute) so we did not move to the usual photo spot in our house; his back was really hurting and so I did not insist he get up and move to take the photo. That's the "Contrary Wife" block in black, red and white which seems very appropriate for someone who is very tired of cooking these days.

I knew that my left shoulder (damaged a few years ago when I broke my arm) would be troublesome when I worked on this quilt on Lily Aurora and that's one of the reasons I planned minimal quilting. Here's the block I made with Dee's generous find of crabby fabric to show how widely I spaced my spirally squiggles that I used to "tie" the quilt layers. 

Warm & Plush's bag said to space ties 5 to 6 inches  apart but since I am leaving instructions to never launder this quilt I went wider ... more like 7 or 8 inches.  (Isn't Dee's fabric perfect for someone who grew up as a blue-eyed redheaded kid named Crabbs?  I hated that name something fierce but I realize now that it made me the person I am today .... tough and sassy. wink)

Sometimes my turquoise thread blended nicely because I used a lot of turquoise fabrics but sometimes it blended well in other fabrics ...

And other times I really didn't care and plunked a squiggly spiral right in the middle of a white space or a yellow space. Needs must. The medium purple thread I used in the bobbin totally disappeared in the backing fabric.

Now I am going to get serious about making Lily Aurora disappear.

I know Other Daughter has talked about wanting to inherit her when I am dead and gone ... but my desire to use the machine has died and went (LOL) so I might invite her over for a serious chat.  But Other Daughter has a long history of scoliosis and other health problems and so at age 50 she might have rethought the idea of owning a long arm. DD has absolutely no interest in inheriting this machine.  The machine is gorgeous and relatively low mileage and needs to find a good home ...

I must ponder on this issue.

Best way to ponder is to take a nap under a new quilt, right? 

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


There She Is, Miss America. All wrapped up in her lovely quilt. I can see lots of work in that one. I agree with doing squiggles. i just tied a wedding ring quilt because it was so much easier than machine quilting it! Easy is my new quilt word these days.
Good going. Another one in the done pile!! I should say I tied a quilt years ago with tiny little circles my machine would do then. Worked for me!!

From: judyinohio


CC (ccase5) said:

Another one in the done pile!!

You have inspired me to go through my notebooks and do a tally of all the quilts I have made since 1993. It might be very interesting to get a total of those ...

I did not keep an inventory of the "quicky quilts" I made for Project Linus (cutesy panels with multiple borders and then pillowcased) because they were just that ... quickies that were made to be given away with not much effort involved.  And the number of fleece blankets ... my DF and I would have blanket parties at my house after he moved to Ohio and settled in to a senior citizen place a few blocks from my house. We would do a dozen at a time. He really enjoyed feeling useful while slicing away with a large Olfa cutter.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Judy, you have sure done a superb job in considering and choosing all the different blocks ... the significance of the blocks so they were included.  LOVE the way you incorporated the quilt name block .. and while I don't remember watching This is Your Life, I certainly know about the show.  Excellent choice for your quilt!

You sure plugged away at researching all the different blocks to use ... and then the quilting and binding!  Sometimes we tend to get bogged down in the middle of a big project because the finish seems so far away.  But you doggedly perservered ... and got it done! woooooo hooooo!

I empathize with your health problems ... how annoying that our bodies betray us as we get older.  How dare it!  But you have made lemonade from your lemons: the squiggle motif you used to tack the quilt is perfect.  it fulfills the purpose, looks attractive, and it was something that you *could* do.

I am *very* sorry to hear of your decision regarding your longarm.  I completely understand the rationale behind the decision but it seems as though it's like relinquishing one of your children.  On the other hand, if you were of a mind, you can still piece tops .... and then "quilt by check" or barter services.  Where there's a will, there's a way.

In any case, great job and congratulations on completing this significant project.  :-)


From: judyinohio


Your words of praise mean a great deal to me, dear Pirate. Thank you very much. You're a sweetheart.

You are most certainly correct about our bodies betraying us. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may ...  roserose

The one and only time I tried the "quilt by checkbook" route the woman ruined my quilt so I won't try that again.  (She quilted my really cute scrappy Christmas quilt top to death, my first experience with "quilted to cardboard". My reaction when I saw what she had done made me sick to my stomach and then it made me furious. DH commented that she must have been drunk at the controls. I was naive because that was before I knew about computerized quilting. I suspect she loaded the quilt, the thread, pushed a button and took a nap.)

No, I will just downsize and make small things ....  no-brainer things.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


Beautiful quilt and I love your kitchen


From: judyinohio


Thank you for the positive comment on my quilt, Viola.

I love my kitchen, too. I'm really good at messing it up and DH is excellent at cleaning up the messes I make. wink


From: latterberry


Oh, Judy!  What can I say?  Your work of art is just beyond words I can find.  The talented work and stories to go with each block has been a true pleasure to read.  I am almost sorry that you are finished with it  I looked forward to each new "episode".  And I love your modeling job.  My first thought was Joseph and the coat of many colors.  

I'm also sorry to hear of your decision pass Lily Aurora on to other eager hands, although I do understand.  I know I couldn't do it anymore. Getting older sure isn't for sassies. If you did some smaller quilts or projects, would your other daughter be able to quilt them for you?  

I wish we still had the big crowd we used to have here on the forum so more could see your outstanding quilt.


From: judyinohio


latterberry said:

on to other eager hands

When I called Other Daughter last night we had a good laugh about "I'm not dead and gone yet but would you be interested in adopting Lily Aurora now?" 

It's going to be perfect timing for her because her only child will be going off to college in the fall so she will be an empty nester and it will be a very serious adjustment for her (bad marriage, horrid ex-husband who is a lousy dad, etc. etc. etc.) I think she will throw herself into longarm quilting big time. She's been making lots of quilts on a vintage Singer (I taught her well) and is certainly ready to graduate to longarm work.

Since you visited our home you can remember the set-up I had with Lily Aurora in the basement; there was an open wallbed down there close to the machine. Well, that open wallbed is where I have decided to leave the "This is My Life" quilt spread out. It will be lonely down there but it certainly will keep any guest who uses that bed nice and warm. I took a nap on the living room couch under it yesterday afternoon and that puppy is one very warm quilt ... almost qualifies as a "mankiller" (what they used to call quilts made of wool).  Or maybe it just felt that heavy because I was really tired and feeling puny. wink

Thank you for calling the quilt a work of art ... I felt like a kid with a crayon box while I was working on it because I could be so spontaneous with my ideas so maybe I was being "artistic".


From: sueinIL


Judy, I love that your quilt is unique, fun, and completely personal.  No one prescribed your pattern or fabrics.  BTW--did you use stash for all the fabrics?  That would be another remarkable attribute!  Display it proudly in your beautiful home!

Sue in IL