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interesting pattern - secondary stars   General Discussion

Started Aug-25 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 575 views.

Yeah, no, I STILL think that's because of losing the seam allowances.  Now, of course, you being you, you would probably draft a pattern with all those little triangle pieces and strips with seam allowances, or do paper piecing or something, so you would have points that match and avoid what you see as a problem of strips of uneven widths.  But I don't look at it as a problem at all that those pieces APPEAR to be different widths.  I think it's an optical illusion, and it's all because of the seam allowances.  I like it as is.  Well, that's just me.  I am not the perfectionist that you are, nor have I had the experience you have had, or made as many quilts as you have made.  I could be wrong.  ;o)    

aha, there is a video.  We were both right - they start out the same width, but then trims the center section after sewing - the center pokes out after sewing.

Yeah, thanks for that link.  The video makes it very clear.  I wish I could cut and sew that fast in real life.  LOL  

she's had lots of practice I'm guessing.  I've watched some of her other videos, she really makes that ruler look helpful.  I have a shapecut which I use occasionally.  But the plastic strips wiggle a bit when your cutting so I don't use it often.  I think her ruler is heavier plastic.

yes, the stripology are heavier rulers than the shape cut.