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9 Signs that You Need a Chiropractor
3Nov 18


Back *CRACK* Best Chiropractor on YouTube ASMR for Back Pain
The Chiro Guy - Dr. Ash - Best Chiropractor

2 Feb 23

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When I lived in Belgium I found that part of their keeping people healthy health care program involved regular visits for therapeutic massage and chiropractic adjustments.
Getting a massage first to loosen and untangle the muscles makes adjusting the spine and other joints much easier and less stressful to do and the adjustments last longer.
Simple things like relaxed muscles and a correctly aligned spine and other joints results in an overall healthier populace and less need for pain and other medications.
Ride Safe. Dr.Tramp.............


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7 Oct 21




Amazing Bone Cracking by Dr. Ash
18 Jul 22

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What Does a Chiropractor ACTUALLY Do?
31 Jan 19




8 Things That Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor
by Chris Illiades, MD

Conditions Chiropractors Typically Treat

Chiropractors treat conditions related to your body’s structure. Their goal is to relieve pain and improve function. They don't prescribe drugs or do surgery. Rather, they adjust or manipulate your spine and other body parts to get them in the right position, or proper alignment. Chiropractic care is based on the idea that when your body is in proper alignment, you have a better chance of healing yourself. Get an overview of some of the more common ailments—not all of which are related to the spine.

1. Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek treatment from a chiropractor. Research on spinal manipulation often focuses on low back pain. Some people with low back pain benefit from going to a chiropractor, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Some research suggested people with low back pain got better relief from going to a chiropractor than from going to their family doctor.

2. Neck Pain

Chiropractors often treat neck pain with neck manipulations. These are also called adjustments. In some cases, these neck adjustments — along with exercises — may work better for neck pain than pain medications. You may want to try a chiropractor if you have had neck pain for a long time that is not due to an injury. This type of neck pain may respond to chiropractic care.

3. Tension Headaches

Chiropractic adjustment for your neck may help if you have tension headaches. These are a common type of headache that causes pain in the back of your head and neck. Stress and bad posture can cause tension headaches. A chiropractor might adjust your neck and give you some stretching exercises. The chiropractor might also suggest healthy ways to reduce stress and relieve your headaches, including proper posture and body mechanics.

4. Migraine Headaches

Research has shown that chiropractic spinal manipulations can decrease migraine frequency, decrease pain, and reduce the need for migraine medication. How this occurs is not known. The authors of the study suggest that chiropractic care reduces overall stress, which may, in turn reduce the effect of migraines. Triggers for migraine headaches may include certain foods. Your chiropractor can also give you advice on nutrition and some changes in your diet to help treat migraines and other types of headaches.

5. Whiplash

Whiplash is a type of neck sprain that often results from a car accident. Whiplash causes pain and stiffness in your neck. Pain may be worse when you try to turn your head. You may even feel dizzy or sick to your stomach. Chiropractic adjustment may help. A chiropractor may have you do exercising and stretching at home, too, and show you how to use heat or ice to reduce muscle spasms and swelling.

6. Sacroiliac Pain

Your sacroiliac (SI) joint is a big joint at the bottom of your spine. SI joint problems cause a different type of low back pain. You may feel this pain in your buttock or the back of your thigh. Chiropractors treat this type of pain with chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractor might also teach you how to avoid straining your SI joint. And, he or she might give you some exercises to strengthen your core muscles, which are the muscles that support this joint.

7. Shoulder Pain

You probably think about back and neck pain when you think about chiropractic care. However, a chiropractor might also be able to help you if you have a stiff and painful shoulder. This condition is called frozen shoulder syndrome. People with frozen shoulder may have less pain and more movement after chiropractic care. Your chiropractor will stretch the muscles surrounding your shoulder and show you how to perform more stretches at home.

8. Knee Pain

Most often, wear and tear on the knee joint causes knee osteoarthritis. This is a very common condition. Chiropractic care might help. Chiropractors sometimes do back adjustments along with knee adjustments. This type of treatment may work better than knee exercises alone. Some people treated with chiropractic adjustment have less pain and better movement after a few weeks of treatment.


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10 Signs of a BAD Chiropractor
22 Aug 18

Are you about to see a BAD CHIROPRACTOR? Chiropractic care shouldn't be hearing, "come in when you feel bad again. If your chiropractor/one you're looking into doesn't do any of these things, they probably won't give you the best care that you need. Check out what signs Dr. Janowitz says to look out for.

1. Understanding YOUR body specifically (1:20)
2. 3 ways of viewing posture (1:56)
3. Weight-bearing x-rays of entire spine (2:47)
4. Having Stages of Care (4:21)
5. Post-X Rays (4:52)
6. Maintenance AFTER Correction (5:24)
7. Variety of Techniques (6:13)
8. Physical Therapy (6:55)
9. Home Exercises (7:30)
10. Caring (7:52)


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Orthopedic Surgeon Explains 5 Reasons YOU DON'T NEED A CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT For Your Back Pain
6 Feb 21

00:00 Intro
01:39 5 Reasons Why You Don't Need Chiropractic Manipulation For Back Pain

  1. Symptom management
  2. Passive modality
  3. No better than physical therapy, exercise, activity modification, medication, pr massage
  4. Mechanical back pain tends to heal itself within 6 weeks
  5. "Subluxation" doesn't exist according to research

14:05 5 Reasons Why You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery For Back Pain

  1. Back pain is self limiting — drugs or surgery not generally required back since cause of pain is minor and tends to heal itself within 3 months
  2. Pain or weakness in legs more common cause due to nerve tension
  3. Surgery is last resort due to higher risk and more complications
  4. Usually reassurance, education, active progressive exercise is enough
  5. MRI findings often don't correspond to complaint symptoms

16:30 How You Should Treat Your Back Pain

17:45 Outro



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