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Transformation trends in the Mexican workforce

Started May-28 by peopleHum; 67 views.

From: peopleHum


One of the central tenets of Mexican culture is the concept of family. In order to forge lasting relationships with the country, it is essential that one understands the position family occupies. In Mexico, family and personal relationships are very important. So deeply ingrained is the concept, that it dictates their corporate and business culture. Therefore, in traditional Mexican business models, it is common to see business and professional life mingle.

Traditional Mexican corporate culture is also characterised by strong hierarchies, authoritarian leadership style, and long working hours. This often results in employee dissatisfaction, drop in productivity, and low motivation. However, with foreign companies setting up shop in Mexico, rigid and traditional structures of Mexican corporate culture are being challenged. In order attract the workforce, foreign companies present themselves as cultural disruptors by offering more attractive working conditions, like higher wages and better work hours.

Today, there is a growing awareness about the benefits of investing in improved working relationships and working conditions among local companies, thus igniting a transformation in Mexican workforce culture, where employee satisfaction and efficient work processes are given top priority. However, the onslaught of Covid-19 has presented a new set of challenges. And overcoming this hurdle will require a new set of transformative processes.

Transformation trends in the Mexican workforce | peopleHum

The Covid situation

The pandemic accelerated the downturn of the Mexican economy. Close to 12.5 million people lost their jobs at the beginning of Covid-19, and through September 2020 had recovered 7.9 million of them. Getting through the pandemic would require the workforce to face a series of transformational challenges. Human Resources in Mexican organizations will play a critical role in rebuilding the workforce.

Around the world, the pandemic gave rise to the digitization of employee activities and processes. The same holds true for the 23 million employees of the Mexican workforce that have adopted digital platforms into their work routines. A majority of these are employed in Mexico’s prominent industries, including manufacturing, IT, corporates, and financial services. Prior to the pandemic, traditional Mexican industries were lagging on the digitization front; but its introduction during this critical time is a great place to understand how it impacts work, workforces, and workplaces in Mexico, both now and post pandemic.

The Mexican workforce transformation trends


Recruitment has always been a challenging endeavour for HR professionals in Mexico, to find qualified candidates with the skills sets that matches the company’s needs. Now, with a growing workforce and technology that has become more complex and knowledge-based, recruiting the right person has become more difficult.

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of recruitment. HR professionals recognise the efficiency recruitment tools add to their operations. In fact, it’s been reported that 58% of talent acquisition specialists are now implementing virtual interviews to help them find candidates in reduced times.

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