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Sideways pictures from iPhones   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 11/15/17 by PatchoguePhil (PatchogPhil2); 815 views.

Pictures posted onto Delphi forum by iPhones are sideways,   regardless of how the iPhone is held when taking the picture. 

Is there some solution or technique to have the pictures oriented correctly?

iPhones are picky things when it comes to the camera and it's orientation. If you open the camera app in one orientation and then change it (turn the phone) it does not always reflect that change. Or it can even completely flip it so your end up with an upside down image. I soon got into the habit of always holding the phone as I would a camera. Sideways with the home button on the right. THEN I open the app and take pictures.

Did you try editing the photos with the camera app? You can rotate it there and save the image but I have not tested to see if it actually posts that way as well.

Looking for exact instructions that will absolutely work for iphone users of Delphi forums.  Does your horizonta-before-opening-app method work? Always?

I don't have an iPhone,  I'm asking for iPhone users of the delphi forum I haunt.

Yes always - I can come over if you like and work with them. Tomorrow ish :) 

Or whatever. 

I'll suggest holding their iPhone horizontal before opening the camera app.


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If you edit, it will reorient.  I have never had a problem with mine.

Many if not most,  will not edit.   There's an iPhone user "patriotism" that thinks a forum host should change,  not the user change their approach to posting.   Not all iPhone users,  but a lot of them.  

Hopefully there's a middle ground of turning iPhone horizontal first,   and then opening their camera app to take a pic.


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Can the host edit and repost the images?  

The host that I refer to is Delphi forums not an actual person.


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It may not be possible to fix it if the fault comes from the phone vs the forum.