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I hate it!   Feedback & Wishlist

Started 1/25/18 by Paula (PaulaS44); 8381 views.
Cstar1 said:

Try clicking on the name of the person you were exchanging PMs with, and open their mini-profile. Then click on Send Private Message. Your entire Conversation (all messages to and from) with them should open, with the oldest messages at the top.

Let me know if you are still missing messages in that conversation after following Cstar's instruction.

I have a theory but am open to being proven incorrect lol

Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25)


Thanks Cstar but I can't GET the names of some of the people because they are gone, a few even have died; and the only place their name is now was in the lost PMs. I can't get any further back than 2016 with the PMs and some of these went back to 2011. Any help is appreciated! If I had known they would vanish I would have found a way to save them but it was easy to leave them in my InBox so I didn't.
The more recent ones, last few months, DO open just as you say.
Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25)


Magnet, pleases see above to CStar; I don't know how to CC in this format thanks

I'm sorry Risa, I would hate to lose those messages myself.


From: john7g2


So, where do the messages go after you read them?  The ones I read just disappear, off the list and the rest move up.  I must be missing something... but I know they are not where they were before I read them and not at the bottom of the list either. 

oh, wait... it's a disorganized mess...   I must be missing something still. 

  • Edited March 2, 2018 2:56 pm  by  john7g2

Hi John, do any of the Conversations on your main PM screen (list of all the people you have PMed) show a number in the New area? You might have to scroll the entire list of conversations and click on any that have a number other than 0 - they SHOULD all be listed first, then all the conversations that have 0 new messages. Things do not seemed to have "jigged" correctly for a good many people. It might have been because a lot of us were trying to keep things tidy by deleting messages. This new system gathered all messages between you an another poster into one conversation. If some of those messages were deleted it might not be sitting exactly where it should be.

Sorry if I am either explaining this poorly (very likely!) or wrong lol (also likely)


From: Cstar1


Everything you post i a PM to one person should all be in your "Conversation" with that person. The newer PM's are at the bottom of the "Conversation."

The list of "Conversations" should have those with unread messages at the top, and those with only read messages below that, in order of date, with the newer ones at the top.


From: john7g2


First off, all the messages I read over the years but did not delete all showed up as unread.  
In some cases I see only the senders side of the conversation making me think I deleted some, my side sometime in the past...
When I read a recent message it drops down the list a ways. Sometimes.  I haven't gone through and cleaned up all the refreshed but old messages yet.  

When I reply to a message, hit enter/send and then if I want to add more in another message, it won't send. I have to leave that page and return to it to start the next message.  

Growing pains I guess but thanks for working on updating Delphi.  

john7g2 said:

I haven't gone through and cleaned up all the refreshed but old messages yet.

That might clear things up but I'm not sure of course. Those are great details you've provided.

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Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25)


I don't know what changed or who to thank but all my missing PMs including the ones from friends who have passed away HAVE BEEN RESTORED!!! So thank you, SO much, whomever managed this, it means more than I can say!!!