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Newest PMs have vanished   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Feb-9 by Joy to You! (JOY337); 5048 views.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


How did the conversation start? Did one of you access the PM form from a profile, or the mini profile on the forum? I too had a one off where the PM disappeared from both our ends. It never downloaded to my inbox though. I happened to have been typing a PM to another member when she sent it.

Adding screenshot for gunter's benefit. I'm confirming but I think she accessed the Send PM link via a mini profile on a Classic forum. I was testing that here Someone else sent the PM to my basic account the same way, error free.

CC to gunter
Hummie was trying to send me a PM and discovered the new PM window. I checked mine using the link at the top (new PMs). Shocked and shaken was pretty much the gist of the exchange, which included a couple of 'test' ones and trying to figure out this latest 'gift' from Delphi.
It isn't that losing the messages is a big deal at all, nothing important (or inspiring) was said. It is just weird that both of us had all the messages (must have been six or eight back-and-forth) just go, POOF overnight.
Thought it outt'a be reported, is all
((HUGS)) . . joy
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Joy to You! (JOY337) said:

Thought it outt'a be reported, is all

Absolutely! I was just trying to help.

That's what she told me (about you) . . and you are SUCH a good helper too.
Just wish somehow I could trust that my beloved Classic format would last at least as long as I do.
Thanks Kid . . you're the best, I don't care what anybody says . . heehee
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Two things:

One- Zeta and Classic are FORUM formats. Everything old is not Classic and everything new is not Zeta. But yes, change sucks for many people.


Two - Beloved bugs!

It'll get worked out. Just need to find out WHY it's working/not working like that!

If anyone can 'work it out' kiddo . . it'll be YOU . .
Thanks . .
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


That or I could accidentally blow the whole thing up... also something I'm great at.

No reward without a certain amount of risk . .
Happy Sunday ...

From: Cstar1


If you click on her name in a forum message and choose Send Private Message from the mini-profile, are the messages still there? It should all be a part of a single "Conversation". 

Hmmm . . yes, I see . . this new program has grouped ALL the PMs (both sent and received) together and has 'sorted' them NOT by the 'latest' PM but rather by the earliest. Yes, I did find (by going to the bottom) the missing PMs. They were 'grouped' with the many 'replies' I have sent this person over the years and sorted to (near) the bottom of the list.
While y'all are fixing things, it would make a WHOLE LOT more sense to sort them so that the 'latest' PMS sort to the top rather than appearing according to the very first message date.

Just sayin' . .