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Search not working?   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 3/8/18 by LadybugPrincess-Ellen (elleng4044); 978 views.
I was trying to find one of my messages to Nita in SigParty, advanced search came up with nothing, turns out there was a message it just wasn't finding it. I told it to look in Nita's folder, I said it was to All because her name didn't show up, from me, and gave today's messages and through today.....came up that clear? This has been happening a lot, so decided I needed to tell you and see if you can make it more reliable, I have used advanced search ALOT and it use to work well....not so lately.

From: gunter


Try searching for a word or phrase in the message, does that bring it up? Give us the URL of the message - the forum and message number - and we can check more to confirm what you are seeing. 

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Try searching for a word or phrase in the message, does that bring it up?
No, it does not.

Give us the URL of the message..gunter

the forum and message number -this is the message it DID NOT FIND in a search-

Hope that answers your questions......also I attached a jpg for you to see my request.....

It found BOTH discussions today...... so of course that is not helpful:-) *sigh


From: gunter


Sometimes search lags in indexing newer messages, sounds like that is what happened here.

sorry for the inconvenience ...

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sorry for the inconvenience ...

probably time for an acronym, since this gets used a lot. (j/k)