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CStar1, RIP   General Information

Started 7/12/19 by gunter; 16011 views.

From: EdGlaze


You might want to update the Start Page:

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From: WaltHowe



Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


Same for Host support


From: tealdust


I did hear of CStar's passing by members of the forum Callahan's Saloon who are now over on FB - there is a private chat made up of us that started because of this sad news.
Such a giving person...::sigh::
Callahan's Saloon is based on books written by Spider Robinson and I think the Saloon stories might have been a trilogy. The rest that follows is from the host Lou Rose who is one of the best hosts of  forum I know: ..."Callahan's Crosstime Saloon," and the books that follow it in the series are much more than science fiction although time travel, alien visitors and telepathy are commonplace in Callahan's Place. Much more importantly, it, and they, expound a philosophy of giving.. sharing.. and loving.   The notion that "Shared Pain is Lessened, Shared Joy is Increased" works not only in Spider Robinson's mind, but in both cyber and non-cyber life, as well.

So with that in mind as in the book when one passed on there was the ritual of the gathering of friends and the forum had a "solace thread" where we would give a toast and smash a  glass in the honor of the transition of a loved one.Ex. ***SMASH***  We would sometimes take a phrase that summed up that person and I do not think, Zookeeper after all this time has passed and we know that time is abstract if I use his words.

********* I'm sure her presence is felt among the stars she so treasured*********

Panda (panda261)

From: Panda (panda261)


I know I am late with this post, I just read this.

This makes me very sad to read!

C She was a beautiful person, She was always far to me and showed me respect.

RIP C- Star

tealdust said:

********* I'm sure her presence is felt among the stars she so treasured*********

I do miss my friend, this was nice to read :)