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Terms of Service   General Information

Started 11/24/19 by Tennessee Art (Ak_Art); 391 views.
Tennessee Art (Ak_Art)

From: Tennessee Art (Ak_Art)


Request clarification of the following;

Terms of Service . . . .
. . . . Message boards, Web pages, chat rooms, blogs, and other services provided by Delphi Forums may not be used for unauthorized commercial purposes, including participation in any affiliate program. If, in the sole discretion of Delphi Forums, you are found to be using Delphi Forums for any inappropriate commercial purpose, Delphi Forums reserves the right to take action to end said activity.

The following was posted @;

Then the following was posted @;
"uastudy is passing along a solicitation from oathkeepers by providing this link. I believe that's a tos violation"

The solicitation is at the end of the site, after the news/opinion article. The original poster was referencing the news article, not the solicitation. So is this a violation of the Terms of Service as noted above?


Tough call, in my opinion. The original link (226086.23) is to a news article...although there is a soft link to donate at the end of the article. Were it a sales pitch or had the OP asked for donations it would violate the Delphi Forums TOS. It isn't.
Tennessee Art (Ak_Art)

From: Tennessee Art (Ak_Art)


Thank you for your opinion.

Seeing as MANY sites ask for donations, or solicit you to subscribe to their services, a lot of posters could be in violation of TOS.

I go along with you that it was not a sales pitch and the OP did not ask for donations. Therefore IMO also, it does not violate the Delphi Forums TOS.

But that is just my opinion.
I would like an official determination from Delphi.


From: WaltHowe


If the solicitation was on Delphi itself, we would probably consider it a violation, but it is incidental to the news article on another site. That is not a violation.