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delphi Internet   General Information

Started 12/4/19 by Bill Condie (PBG); 532 views.
Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Are any web pages still available from these Good Old 20-20 Days?

Should they be on Wayback Machine?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Bill Condie (PBG) said:

Good Old 20-20 Days

What are the 20-20 days? Was this when Delphi was text based?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


The wayback machine has only been around since 2001 and I think it only archived webpages.

If you have not look here yet...

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


Yep/  WE hated AOL when it came out with graphics :-)

We got 20 hours a month online 6pm-6am for $20!  Delphi was the first internet  SIG

CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


The 20/20 plan was what finally got me to take the leap to Delphi.  They had  been advertising in Rainbow magazine (for the TRS-80 Color Computer) and I also  remembered  seeing a segment on them on Evening  Magazine here in  Boston,  so my interest was already  piqued. Combine the 20/20 plan with the fact Compuserve still was charging an arm and a leg, and it  didn't take much  for me to make the leap.  I absolutely loved that era.

I'm guessing when  they first tried doing the web page front-ends to the forums, that they were hosted on Delphi's servers. I would be  shocked if they still existed somewhere at this  point, but maybe someone on  staff has a more definitive answer.

Bill Condie (PBG)

From: Bill Condie (PBG)


I found it in the Wayback machine. So I contributed a few bucks

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