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Sizing Posted Images   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Dec-18 by ABAman1; 2045 views.

From: ModDee


Hi there,

I've been meaning to check in here to see if I could get an answer to this resizing within the editor issue I'm having.  Glad to have found this thread and to know that I'm not nuts...............OK maybe little nuts LOL

I'm Dee a moderator at the Smoking Cessation Forum and previously at In my moderation duties, I use/insert graphic images multiple times daily on my forum, so it was a big headache when I could no longer re-size within the Delphi editor.  I've resorted to using Paint to resize the first time usage of a graphic.  I have hundreds of graphics that I've used repeatedly over the years, so the thought of going through all my files and resizing them hurts my head LOL.  So I've resorted to just do it as I use them.    Like ABAman1 I use a Firefox browser and was able to manually re-size graphics within the editor.  I haven't upgraded to Windows 10, I'm still using Windows 7  I'm dreading, converting, but know I need to by Jan14th.

Happy New Year all!

First, Windows 7 isn't going to stop working like an unpaid Netflix account in a couple weeks. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but extended support won't end until January 14, 2020.If you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will still work, but it will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses, lions and tigers and bears...OH MY! will no longer receive software updates, including security updates, from Microsoft.

Whatever! I'm a bit worn having to go in and delete these little restore points Microsoft adds while they're installing their 769k Knowledge Base patches every few days. This is why I have an anti-virus program. And...the virus software comes free with my Comcast account. Testing out screens...I found the largest, without having to side scroll and image was about 500 pixels. I've got PhotoShop, PhotoMax, PaintShop Pro 7 and Paint. If I can't get it done with those 4 programs...I'll just move on to the next thing at hand.

Eventually, you'll start getting error reports when trying one of your programs out or running a program you've just downloaded. It'll say something like, "Sorry, but you will have to upgrade your OS to run this program!" If and when you upgrade...I think there are different levels of Windows 10. I'd get the one that puts you in charge of everything. Windows 7 Pro came with this computer. Even with Pro I sometimes get a "Restricted Access" to folders or I'm new at this. Please, I cut my teeth on a IBM PC XT; 8088 processor, 10MB HDD, 640k ram with a monochrome monitor and a modem not much faster than a pigeon. I was doin' this before you could say Gerber's!

Sorry, got a little livid there. :)


From: ModDee


The Zookeeper (B0UNTYMAN) said:

I cut my teeth on a IBM PC XT; 8088 processor, 10MB HDD, 640k ram with a monochrome monitor and a modem not much faster than a pigeon.

What memories.  I started working in IT at a telecommunications giant in the early 70's. They were still doing data entry with keypunch cards.   Assembler, RPG and FORTRAN were the programming languages of the day.   I was a guinea pig.  I didn't have an ounce of technical background. I was a manager in Customer Services.   The problem the company was trying to solve was IT techs didn't speak "English" that could be understood by the user department they spoke "Tech" so they wanted a translator from the user department that had analytical skills as a go-between. They brought me in as temp manager, tested me to see if I had any analytical skills.  I guess I had enough so they set me up as the "Systems Users Interface Manager between Customer Services, Marketing and IT.  I stayed in IT for the rest of my career. I never got a computer science degree but went back to school to learn enough to be dangerous. My first personal computer was a "Baby Mac"   I haven't been without a PC since.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Got into computers kinda oddly. Used to loan out money. Come payday, some guys got a story to tell you instead of your money. This guy thought it funny. took friendliness for weakness. Said he needed a couple more weeks...I told him it already WAS a couple more weeks...we need to go to your house and I need some collateral.

In his front room is a brand new IBM PC XT with the Model M clicky keyboard (still use one) a Taxan monitor and an Epson MX80 printer. I told him to help me load this all up in my car. He said he paid $4995 for the computer itself, without the keyboard and monitor. A week later I go to his house to see how my money's comin' and slick has moved on! Sobeit!

I put the whole computer thing together, fire it up, it counts off the ram, asks me for a time and date and goes into the root directory. C:/ Huh? C'mon...gimme a clue what this does! Bangin' the keys doesn't get me much until I must have hit DIR then Enter. Hey! Wait a bit, hold was that? I banged around on that keyboard for the next week trying to get it do something. Nada! I'm drivin' down the El Camino in Burlingame, CA when I see a Computerland. I pull in, go inside and tell this guy my story. Well, the computer story. He suggests that what I've got running on IBM's new PC id a 10 MB HDD that requires DOS 2.1. He figures it's been formated and sub-directories and hidden directories programmed into it. What I'm going to need is manual for PC DOS 2.1 Fine, whatever.

Holy Moly! This is terrible. I've got zero use for this thing! I go back to the store and ask the guy if he has any games for my computer. "Monochome or Color, sir?" "Monochrome!" I buy ZORK...and I hate it! I open up the case on the computer...let's see what makes this puppy tick! I get the top off and the only thing I hear running is the 10MB HDD. Fine! I pull off the power connection and the data ribbon, take the top off the HDD and there's two discs in it. That's it. I plug the power source and data cable back in...nada. She no wanna work no more. I'm way above my pay grade here!

I take out the HDD, take it to the guy at Computerland and tell him I'll wait for a call. Couple hours later he calls me says that what I did crashed sector 0 on the first cylinder. Cylinder? All I saw was discs in there...this guy tryin' to jack me or what? He says a new 10MB Seagate drive for this computer will cost me about $1700. "No, no! That ain't gonna happen! What's plan B?" He says that he can move the heads one cylinder in, do a physical and then a logical format, reinstall PC DOS 2.1 but the HDD will lose some volume. I asked how much. He said, "not much". "How much for the fix?" He said "about $60!" I love this guy!

I picked the IBM up that night, brought him and his coworkers a case of beer and learned a new respect for these things. Never learned what was on the HDD before I killed it. Don't care!

What I do is to look at the html source, find where the image is and insert 


Of course it doesn't have to be 500 but it's a good size for most purposes.


From: Kidmagnet


It's explained here (I assumed you were using Firefox....)

And good news - the solution suggested works!

Some things to note...

  • Wait for the image to fully load
  • In Classic you then click on the image and the boarder appears with points to drag in the image.
  • In Zeta Delphi's photo editor will also appear, just ignore or click the X in the corner to remove it.

  • Edited January 2, 2020 10:51 am  by  Kidmagnet

From: ModDee


Thanks so much, Kid,

I just tried the suggested solution and it worked just fine!

This really brightens my day and makes my moderating duties so much easier.  It's amazing how sometimes a simple graphic can get your point across much faster and easier than a page of text.



From: Kidmagnet


Good, glad it worked thanks to gunter for posting that link earlier and sorry I just got around to looking at it when I saw your post!


From: ABAman1


Thank for for this! Following a prior suggestion, I was able to do this in Paint, but maybe your solution is faster. I will try it out.

Many thanks,


From: Kidmagnet


Hey Steve check out the post this one is I reply to- if you are using FF it’s an easy fix.