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Forums Given Away   Forum Management

Started Dec-25 by SHOESOPTIONAL (SHOESOPTIONA); 248 views.

Another Delphi member relayed message to me that some one would like to take over Faith's Doll Emporium
Faith passed away recently and out of respect for her I'd rather have more things cleaned out. There are things in those files that are not to be shared. I was Games Manager and then all round manager as Faith went through many RL problems and then her death. I've worked quite a bit over there cleaning out Threads within the different Folders.

I ask that you allow me to get it all cleared out if you intend to give it to someone else.

*Why wouldn't a person just open their own new forum*

Thank you.
Have a Happy & Blessed Holiday ~


From: Kidmagnet


Hi Shoes, sorry to hear about Faith.  


From: WaltHowe


I think I know who is asking, and let me assure you that I would not turn over any forum unless there is consensus among current members that the proposed host is the right choice. In a case where the person volunteering was not already an assistant, the issue of private contents in private folders is an important consideration that makes a transfer unlikely, unless everyone agrees it is OK.

Thank you for expressing your sentiment of condolence. It was deeply upsetting for me to find out especially not being in touch for some months.)
She was a good caring woman and all around good soul.

Hugs & Blessings of the Holiday ~

Thank you.
I thought as much but I'm grateful you all take these things into consideration.
Again, thank you.

Blessings of the Holiday Season ~