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Greasemonkey?   General Information

Started Jan-28 by The Zookeeper (B0UNTYMAN); 284 views.

Cleaning out the closet...

Seems I've had this extension forever. No idea what it did then...nor what it does now. Don't really want an explanation. I just need to know, for your average Joe who does simple things in a comment, if it's really necessary? Typical time spent here:

1. Log in
2. Click on Hosted Forums/Messages>18 New
3. Usual stuff; Reply, maybe add a photo from my image files on the computer or provide a hyper-link.
4. Do some owner stuff in Controls. Nuthin' CSS crap or nuthin' like that, simple Start Page (the forum is Classic View).
5. CCleaner & Defraggler my computer...then go back to bed.

If I'm packin' around this monkey-on-my-back for no good reason...I'd like to know!



From: WaltHowe


Greasemonkey is an extension for the Firefox browser which lets you add in scripts that let you do more things with the browser. If you are not using any current add-ins, you don't need greasemonkey.

Greasemonkey was used for the Firefox Editor for Delphi. I think you used to use it. If you no longer use the editor, you probably do not need Greasemonkey.


I've since deleted it and found nothing's changed in my comments, so...I suppose I hadn't been using it for awhile.

Thank you...