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Photos in messages......   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Feb-18 by RW (VTwinNut); 199 views.
RW (VTwinNut)

From: RW (VTwinNut)


I've been inserting photos from my Photo gallery in messages but sometimes they don't show up.

What is the difference between putting pics in the Photo album vs in the File section?

Does one work better in messages like sig pics.

Under Photos I have different albums for different subjects.


From: gunter


Are these images on your computer, not ones in your Files here, do they show when you first add them before posting?

One problem could be the filename having spaces or symbols ... give us a sample filename or try adding here.

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RW (VTwinNut)

From: RW (VTwinNut)


A little more detail might help explain things.

Win 7, FF 72.0.2, RTE latest.

Pics are located in the "Photo" section under Preferences NOT the "Files" section.

My sig images are located in the "Files" section.

When I write my post and insert images using "Copy Image Location" from the particular folder, I see them right away.

When I respond to another poster in the thread and look back at my post, many times the images don't appear.

This post has five images in it plus my sig:

I've tried hitting "Reload Image" but they don't load.

Sometimes they do show up.

I just noticed today that there is an error message when I hit "View Image" on the image in a post.

I went through the "spaces" problem with my sigs so I try to watch the file names.

Hope this helps.


From: gunter


Got it, it's your Profile Photo Album were looking at.

I see the images in the message and they also show below in the Reply box. Hard to tell what's happening when it's off and on.

Having said that, your Photo Album is not meant to work the way Files does. It's for having an album in your Profile, not loading elsewhere. Don't  know if that has anything to do with the problem.

Most often I drag images into messages from my computer.

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RW (VTwinNut)

From: RW (VTwinNut)



After this discussion, I'm inclined to believe having the pics I want to post in messages in the Photo section is the problem.

I think I'll start migrating them to the Files section and make sub folders.

Thanks again!