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Guest Access Question...   Forum Management

Started Mar-6 by The Zookeeper (B0UNTYMAN); 242 views.

The 21st of last month I disabled Guest Access for good reasons.

Seems the trolls who used that to decided on whether they wanted to #### with us...backed off. A couple "new" accounts I banned summarily. To date...all is well. I go into controls today, Reports>Detailed Traffic and I've got Guest Visitors since the 21st.

How is this possible? Is this "Guess Access" tick just some kind of threat?!


From: gunter


This is

Looking in Change Log 2 /21 you set the forum to enable allow immediate access ie allow Guest access. I see you now set that to disabled which is what you had in mind?

let us know how it  ...

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I I set the Guest Access back to enabled. My question was...when I disabled did it record guest access. I's either enabled or it isn't, right?

From: gunter


I do see Detailed Traffic showing 1 or 2 Guest visits during the time it was off.

The way it can happen is when someone has an active browsing history/cookies. Another possibility is that someone saved a forum page which registers in the report when they come back though they can't actually see anything new until they log in.

You have lots of Guests when it's allowed so that's an indication that it works.

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Good to know, thanks. Better a plausible explanation than a glitch in the system.

I haven't seen any "troll-esque" member names in the Visitors list lately, so...I'm assuming he's taken his misery somewhere else. I'll enable Guest Access again...there seems to be a line forming outside! :)