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Log in problem   Account Maintenance

Started Mar-11 by Stay in and be Safe Ginny (1NativeAngel); 514 views.

Help...... Shoesoptiona  is still trying to get in, and NOTHING is  happening.   She does get Shoesoptiona with a ?.    She never changed her password in the past.  Never had any problems till NOW.     She wants to know why she can't get in.  She can't click on anything that you tell her to do. It seems that she is stuck.   HELP.......

Tell her not to use a bookmark - just open a new browser tab and type in then click the login link on the Delphi home page.

Let us know if it works. 

Thank you all for coming to my rescue!
I was finally able to gain access and enter. Whoo wee! Talk about limbo! lol
Thanks Kid. Walt and gunter have explained in email. Basically what you suggested. Crazy tho when the now dead login links worked for years and Ka Poot!
Thank you all for helping.
Have a good night ~
I only just found this ……………. Hummmmmmmm? LOL
Thanks again, dear ;)