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List of Signatures   Editor Help

Started Jun-11 by Phantom1 (Phantom7031); 260 views.
I am a plus member and I have forgotten how to add a new signature picture to a list of signature pictures that show up under a yellow feather when I post. I have several new signature pictures I would like to add.
I wish to keep the signature pictures i already have in the list.
Can someone walk me through this process again?
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I reviewed that.
I seem to know how to do everything except how to get there to be a blank space in order to add something new, without deleting what i already have.

From: gunter


Not sure what you are experiencing, explain more what happens.  The editor should work much like the one here on mesages.  Make sure any image has a unique name you haven't used before in sigs, no spaces in the name and letters and numbers only.

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I have a list of sigs already in the area. I have deleted some because i no longer use them. There is no blank space to put a new one into and I cannot delete any more, I wish to keep what I have (there are 15 sigs with pictures and names already entered.) Should there be an empty place below them in which I can write a new name and put a new pic in? Do I have to use the space where the last one is (and risk deleting the last one?)
Also, can i get the new pic from My Pictures on my hard drive on my computer?
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


When you open the sig editor click the plus sign to start a new signature, then give it a name you have not already used.


And yes you can use an image from your computer

When you are done make sure you save it.

got it! and was able to save some new ones, thank you!