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Can't see all of the headings .....   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Sep-7 by Ellen in TEXAS:-) (elleng4044); 218 views.

I noticed DAYS! ago that the font at the top of the forum had gotten too large, but when I went to go to upload a picture, couldn't find what I needed, MY PREFERENCES, isn't viewable etc. here is a screen print...hope it helps but what to do???? See? under -create new forum and New Private, what should be under it is missing, and under the star, is off the page, and this is at 100% I have not accidentally made it larger:-) THANKSĀ 

Ellen Griffin


Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Hi Ellen, ignore what I wrote and see next message lol

Not getting another message????? what's going on?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


It's your browsers View.

On your keyboard press the Control and 0 (zero) keys at the same time.

That will reset your view to default.

You can press Control and + to increase it. Each time you press those two together it increases everything on your screen.

Decrease with Control and - (minus)

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Bumping this to you.....I need some help here:-)

Did not change a thing and I did it 6 times and refreshed.


From: gunter


Do you see any difference in font sizes when you hit ctrl and - at the same time?

Also look for the font size below messages in a forum set to Classic.

  • Edited September 7, 2020 4:52 pm  by  gunter
In reply toRe: msg 8

No I did not and I did do it 6 times and restarted the computer. I went and got Firefox and I am on it now and it is showing up correctly at my home forums page. I have used Chrome all along until just Firefox is what I will use as long as it works for me. Thanks so much for getting right back to me.....I want to add I read up on CTRL 0, and apparently it's my computer, or Chrome if you all haven't changedĀ  anything. again THANKS!!! I count on you Gunter:-)