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How to delete attachments   Attachments

Started Nov-13 by H.Mushman (HDCHZ); 162 views.
H.Mushman (HDCHZ)

From: H.Mushman (HDCHZ)


How do I delete photos on the forum  that have been there for ages ?


From: gunter


It's a bit convoluted.. The Attachment tab on MyForums gives a list of old attachments.

Click on any item on the list to go to the original message and Edit the message to get a link to remove attachments. The edit screen will show the attachment at the bottom in Zeta to be xed out, or at the top in Classic with a pencil to the right to remove it.

However ...

When it's images you are attaching, it may be better to use Insert Image on the editor toolbar to add images directly into messages. There is no limit that way and it looks better:

let us know how it goes  ...