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getting a new signature back   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Dec-18 by schoolsoutforever (Phantom7031); 765 views.
I saved a signature made by Julea from Family Matters to my computer. I wanted to add it to my list of signatures that I may come back to and use. I got to the place where I had opened the picture and saved it and it didn't show on my list (I forget what that list is properly called, it is in My Preferences and is where I have some other tags/sigs stored)
I tried to do it over. I got a note/error message that said "filename already exists in this path." When I clicked OK it took the picture out of the space altogether. I tried changing the name but the same thing happened, after several tries with several names, I guessed that the "filename" means the picture itself. But the picture won't show up where I am trying to put it.
How do I get it back?

From: gunter


If you are trying to save it directly to the Signature area in Files, that may be the problem. It's meant to be used through the sig creation app.

Does it upload to your regular Files directory? 

Rename to something simple and give it a try. 

let us know how it goes  ...

In reply toRe: msg 2
what is the "sig creation app?" I may or may not be using it, because I am not sure I am calling what I am using by the right name.

From: gunter


I mean the editor you normally use to create a sig and add a sig image

That uploads to your signature_images directory in Files. It's not meant to have files uploaded directly without the editor like you upload other files.

In reply toRe: msg 4
ok i think that is what i was calling the List--where you have the little plus sign and the place to upload a file and yes that is where I am losing it...
however I think i have skipped the step of putting it in the picture file in Delphi which has all the pics I can use for those files...I have forgotten how to access that one..

From: gunter


Try creating a new sig and see if that works, make it a simple filename first.

In reply toRe: msg 6
ok i found the files of pics that I was supposed to have put it in first. It uploaded very nicely to those files.
Now, it has a long filename, how do i change it so i can use it on my sig editor?

From: gunter


The pencil icon to the right in Files let's you rename.

But not clear why you can't  rename it on your computer first and add it in the sig editor from there.

In reply toRe: msg 8
i have been having trouble with that pencil ikon. I have found that the second I take my finger (I am using a mouseless laptop)off the pencil to the name to rename it, i get a picture of the sig on my computer screen, and can't rename it.
I will see if renaming it on the computer helps; unfortunately I think that was what I was trying before that was just continuing to tell me "filename already exists in this path" twice.
In reply toRe: msg 9
i renamed it. I changed the name in my computer, deleted the original file in my Delphi files, refiled it, and tried again, still can't get past "Filename already exists in this path" Somehow I don't think it is the name but the picture itself which my sig creation app doesn't like.
Cannot get it to work.