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Emailed Notifications   Account Maintenance

Started Dec-29 by Ewing Waymire (EwingWaymire); 556 views.

About Dec 15th my emailed notifications just stopped coming with no idea why. My forum host had me try a couple of things but then told me to come here and ask.

I use gmail and cannot figure out how to fix it. I am very active on that forum:

"DeWalt" Radial Arm Saw Forum

Any ideas how I can get it started again?


From: gunter


The system is showing mail from here is bouncing, perhaps somehow got marked as spam or wrong address for your Google account.

Check spam and trash folders at gmail, if you find any Delphi Forums mail mark them Not Spam.

Add to your Contacts. 

I'm emailing a copy of this, let us know if that works.

In reply toRe: msg 2

I did get the direct email from you. Time will tell if I start getting the emailed notifications again.

Thank You for your time and trouble!

In reply toRe: msg 2
gunter said:

Check spam and trash folders at gmail, if you find any Delphi Forums mail mark them Not Spam. Add to your Contacts.

Did, did and did. No emails for delphi in either folder.

I always try the simple and not so simple things before I ask for help on anything. I'd rather fix it myself than to bother busy folks.

I added the "my delphi" address to my contacts a few days ago. I signed out of delphi yesterday and signed back in, no help on any of it.

I know that you are trying but so far it is still broken. Several posts on the "DeWalt" group and no notifications have arrived.

Any more ideas?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Keep logging in each time you arrive and see if you get a "confirm email address" notice. If you do just enter the address you use for Delphi and that should reset things. 

That was similar to the advice my host gave me.

Signing on with delphi using google sign-on doesn't work too good/happily together.

Delphi seems to not let me have a standard sign-on and yet google gives me strange error messages and it takes about a half dozen attempts to get it to go through. Once it just plain wouldn't let me in and I did without my delphi/DeWalt (the group) fix for a few days. I hope you see my concern on this.

IS there a way to avoid the google sign-on completely and still use the email addy?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


What are you using? (computer, tablet, phone etc.)

You can open a browser and type in and sign in from Delphi's home page. There's an option to save your login with Delphi which uses a cookie in your browser. 
Depending on your device you should be able to save your password on your browser as well. 

Windows 10, desktop, basic nothing fancy.

It will not allow me to use a password. That's why I complain about the google log-in.

delphi seems to require me to use it. I have in the past tried "7 ways to sunday" to avoid it but no matter what I do as soon as it sees me using gmail with the google browser and then it forces me to use the google sign-in ( the g+ symbol ).

I'm not sure how to use a regular username and password with a gmail email addy on delphi. Seems that technology has past me up. I was using computers when Bill Gates was a punk kid and even designed them in my salad days.

I mustered up my courage and opened a different browser (sea monkey) and went to the delphi home page. Clicked log-in and used my regular user name with a new password as emailed through the "lost password" link.

I got in great, so I do thank You for that encouragement!

I'm not sure what it accomplished as I still (so far anyways) do not get any email notifications.

I AM able to read and reply to my group messages and this one, obviously, BUT that was never broken (except for a week or so a year back).

It is the "Emailed Notifications" that I seek to fix!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Keep doing things this way until at log in you get the Confirm Email thing.

Gunter do you know how to get rid if the G+ saved log in? I'm thinking it's a browser cookie...?

CC to gunter