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Delphi will not allow me to log on.   Account Maintenance

Started Jan-5 by Cherie (CHau659760); 349 views.

I'm having problems with my Delphi account.  After 20+ yrs all of a sudden it won't except my password.  So I updated it to a new one which Delphi acknowledges but still won't let me log in with it. 

So again I requested a new password.  They sent me this: 

Your Delphi Forums Membername: CHau659760
Your Delphi Forums Password: [removed]

This is the new password from my original change, and Delphi still won't except it when I try to log on using it.

Now farther down on their letter there's this link: 

Visit Delphi Forums at

and guess what it works and it's my original password I started out with 20+ yrs ago.  And...this is the ONLY link that will allow me to enter.  So at this point I have no idea what is going on or what I'm doing.  I'm so frustrated right now.



  • Edited January 5, 2021 10:26 am  by  gunter

From: gunter


What link are you using where it doesn't work, what is the url? is a recommended login.

Also try using the login on our frontpage

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Cherie (CHau659760)

From: Cherie (CHau659760)

Jan-10  I use this one when I receive a E-MAIL NOTIFICATION.  It allows me to SEE THE POST & ANSWER but when I hit POST it ask me to LOG ON.


From: gunter


What is happening is the Delphi Forums cookie in your browser lets you read messages without logging in. It's called a soft login. But then when you do something requiring a full login like posting a message or entering Controls where you have access the system asks for a login.

When you know you may be posting log in first to MyForums or on the frontpage,  then use the email link.

  • Edited January 12, 2021 9:18 am  by  gunter
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Cherie (CHau659760)

From: Cherie (CHau659760)


That's the problem...Delphi will not except any of my login attempts.  The only reason I was able to answer this notice was that I used this first , then I was able to post.


From: gunter


Seems you have that login saved on your computer and don't recall your actual password. 

Check your Preferences on MyForums to make sure your email  address is valid. Log out.

Then when you come back to log in use the I forgot link on the login page to have a new password sent to that address. Log in with the new password when you get it. You can change it as desired in Preferences  after that. 

Email is available  if needed.

let us know how it goes  ...