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Annoying pop up   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started May-13 by DivaNRamon (texas_diva); 708 views.

Hi. I have sent 2 emails within the last week or so about a pop up I keep getting about my account. Also I wanted to make it where I can manually pay my subscription each year instead of it being automatically taken out.


From: WaltHowe


I have not seen any email about a pop up. What address are you sending it to?

If you want to control renewals yourself, go to your accounts page after a renewal and turn off automatic renewal. Then it is in your control, not ours. You will get reminders at login when you get close to the next renewal,


From: gunter


Most likely the popup is warning your DelphiPlus renewal is failing.  Check the charge info on your account page.

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I renewed my subscription and it shows its not due till 2022 but like I said it still shows the pop up. And I still can't change the automatic reminder either. My email is

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Log out of Delphi, close browser tabs that have Delphi on them and either clear recent history or just close and reopen your browser. (I'm lazy and impatient so I try that first and if it does not work then clear recent history. lol)


From: gunter


The charges failed to go through after several tries and you're off DelphiPlus now.

You need to sign up again from scratch.

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Goodmorning Gunter. When I go to my account it's still showing it has till I just  pay again even if it says that?

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I just now paid again. I made sure all the info was correct and I know there's money in the account so if it fails again. I give up

Hi Walt. I'm using,  and when I went into my account it shows I've been charged 3 times thsts $150. Please check my account and see what's wrong