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How to get around on the forum   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started May-26 by Loralee30; 299 views.

From: Loralee30


Hello,  I have not been to this site for a number of years.

I went to the crafts category, primitive and rustic.   How to I view  crafts and projects?  I do not see any photos there.

I hope I can find my way back here to view this message.

Thank you for your help on this topic


From: gunter


Not sure what you are looking for. The category listings on our front page let you search for specific topics. Crafts forums are listed here:

Useful link to bookmark is your MyForums page, that shows forums you have visited and if there are new messages. 

let us know how it goes  ...

. (RabidWulf)

From: . (RabidWulf)


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Just a thought.. The hostess hasn't been on Delphi for a bit over SEVEN YEARS.. and possibly even longer since visiting that particular forum. Back then, many images were stored at Photobucket which turned into a pay for service site.. so many linked images vanished off of forum pages. Having not been on Delphi for several years, it isn't likely anyone was paying for the Photobucket service. A few of the posts do have links to other interesting sites, (blogs, etc.) Such as The Rusty Rooster (which was on hold for a few years) .. This forum can also remain a fun place to visit if one wishes to dig a bit under the dust.

Who knows but what TERRIPAL/host may reopen and simply placed the forum on 'hold' until that time? Just keep an eye on it :) Once it lands on your "my forums" page it can remain there... being watchful for new activity/posts.

You might also search the Delphi Index for other like forums? Or open your very own forum?

May you be blessed in finding that which you seek :)


From: Loralee30


Thanks for the information.  I do understand now why I am not seeing any pictures.  I understand about Photo  bucket as I used to have a lot of crafting photos there that I shared with various sites.

Thank you for your explantion.  Sounds  like this could be a good reason that photos are no longer at the site.

. (RabidWulf)

From: . (RabidWulf)


You are most welcome.