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how to change my password   Account Maintenance

Started Jul-14 by FredB33; 316 views.

From: FredB33


Hello there...

I want to find out how can I change my password on Delphi...I want to know how I can use a stronger password, because Google told me I'm at risk, because my current password might bring hackers to my computer...can anyone help me how to change my password, so I can enjoy being safer online?

Looking forward to December 1, when I renew my subscription to Delphi Extra, once again...


From: gunter


Change your password in Preferences on MyForums .

Should be at least six characters,  letters and numbers only. No special characters and no space. Type in passwords, do not copy paste.

let us know how it goes  ...

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From: tealdust


Hi Gunter, I'm an old time Delphi member and I just changed my password (had a temp sent) because its been years since I've been here and I'm wondering if the password is case sensitive?

Thanks, nice to meet you. Great to be back and hope to come here more often..FB, well, it's such a whole different format. Here the forums I've forgotten how one feels your right in the room together. I think some of my forums might not be around though I see some of my faves though maybe not as busy like back in the day though still active. :  )

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From: gunter


good to hear ... and passwords are not case sensitive.

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From: tealdust


Hi,  yes it is good news. Facebook is wearing me  down and I've always loved Delphi. Thanks for your answer, because even though I have a note book filled with passwords by the dozens,  I have them 1/2 crossed off with the one or two changes and then those are wrong and suddenly I'm down the password rabbit hole. lol

~ take care ~