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backgrounds   Forum Management

Started Sep-10 by Margie (ILovePhotos); 235 views.

Where are the backgrounds located


From: gunter


Images need to be available online, DelphiPlus members have 100meg storage available in their Files. Look for the Files tab top right on MyForums .

let us know how it goes  ...


From: Kidmagnet


Hi there! I see you opened a Zeta forum, are you talking about the header image (that appears at the top) or a background image that would appear behind posts and cover the remaining part of the forum?

Here's an example... the header image is a scenic one featuring a couple... the forum background is bubbles on black

  • Edited September 11, 2021 4:57 pm  by  Kidmagnet
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From: Kidmagnet


Let's pretend you are talking about the background...

Delphi has uploaded a few background images but you can also upload your own.

*Always make sure you have first changed the header image to one of your own. (unless the background bug was squashed... :D)

Click in your Controls Tab then under Customization and Design click on Colors and Backgrounds. You can choose a theme form there and then click on the Backgrounds tab * Color Palette/Backgrounds/Custom  (you can customize your colour theme but that's a bit more complicated so for another post) Now click Change Background.

This is the screen that appears after clicking on Change Background. You can choose one of them by clicking Select and then Close.


OR you can click on the My Backgrounds tab and upload your own background from yuor computer.

Questions? Ask away!