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Unable to Upload Photos into my Delphi Extra Account Photo Album   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Sep-13 by ATCguy (RadarContact); 217 views.

Long time Talk City, and now Delphi Extra customer.  Have recently been having difficulty (Inability) to change out and upload new photos into my Delphi profile photo album folder.

While I was able to delete most of my old photos quite easily, the system is not allowing me to upload new photos.  When I try, I get a popup message bubble telling me:  Error: Total Space Limit Exceeded

When I click on "Close" to kill the popup... I see the photo trying to load, but the little wheel just keeps on spinning into infinity.  The photo never loads, and I eventually close out the entire window.

I can only assume that, somewhere in the Delphi storage cache, my old photos are still there somewhere (even though they aren't shown in my folder)... taking up memory space, and not allowing new data in.

As such, I'd like someone to investigate my account... verify the issue... and if necessary, erase all old photo files to clear up my available memory space again.

Screenshots enclosed below... please advise if any further info is needed.  Thanks in advance...



From: WaltHowe


Try again now. Our records show you had exceeded your limit, but the software is not reliable. I gave you back all your space.


From: gunter


later: I see Walt made changes to fix things, the below comments were after that and may not be needed.

I was able to add an image to your album, you can delete it after taking a look. 

What is the size of the images you want to add, have you tried small images?

Add one here to your message using Insert on the editor toolbar or drag and drop into your Reply and we can experiment more..

  • Edited September 13, 2021 7:28 pm  by  gunter
In reply toRe: msg 3

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this.. had an unexpected project come up.  But wanted to say "Thank you"... I appreciate your efforts.  All appears to be working as advertised now.