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Facebook images disappearing   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Apr-20 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 272 views.
I like sharing FB funny pics on Delphi, and I'm wonder why within a few hours to a day they disappear, leaving a tiny colored box. Should I have saved them to my Delphi webspace and delate after a few days or weeks? I just have been doing "copy and paste"
Thank you :)

From: gunter


If they'reĀ  linked to FB, does it take a log in there for anyone to see them? Add one here and we'll see what happens.

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Good morning Gunter, no it shouldn't, I just copy paste the photo, it won't let me do copy / past here on this forum.

From: gunter


Try first downloading them to your computer, then use Insert Image from File on the toolbar, or copy paste from there, or drag and drop into messages.

Insert Image from Web will let you use the address in your DelphiPlus Files.

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Great, I'll go give that a shot, thank you.