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Blank Email   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Jun-29 by Cathy (237cats); 207 views.
Cathy (237cats)

From: Cathy (237cats)


I am the host of Family Sigs as well as the artist there. I have my email for Delphi at a outlook email addy. Now some of my request come up blank. Is it a Delphi problem or my outlook problem?

Can you point ( post the link to) Gunter to one of the post whose notification was blank?

Cathy (237cats)

From: Cathy (237cats)


I'll do better than that, I think. This morning is when I had a couple of msgs that were blanks so I just left them alone. After lunch I clicked on them by accident, and by gum, they were there. They just took a little longer to appear so I think the problem is solved.

Thanks Kid for responding.