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cannot locate attachments to delete   Attachments

Started Jul-6 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 419 views.

I've tried following the instructions, but all I can find is a pie chart that says I've used 100%, but no messages are listed underneath that I can edit.


From: gunter


Are you looking under the Attachments tab on MyForums?

I've reset your space. Note that your allotment is only 512k. If you try to upload files larger than that it uses up all space and won't  attach.

If it's images you want to add use Insert Image on the editor toolbar, there's no limit that way. 

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From: camper6


I have Delphi Extra but I keep on getting messages that I have reached my allocation limit but that's not even close. You have reset my account before. Can you do it again for me? Thanks.

From: gunter


should be all set now  ...

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From: camper6


Thank you. Much appreciated.

From: heavn


To put a picture in your post, and not use ANY allotment space,, 

1. Put your cursor in the place, in the post, where you want the picture to show up, and LEFT-click  your mouse. 

2. Instead of clicking on the paperclip, you LEFT-click on the icon to the right of the paperclip, which is a square.
See the picture below:


It looks like a square with a mountain and sun. 

3. When you click on the square, there are words "From my computer", and you Left-click on that.

4. Choose the picture in your computer. Left-click on that picture (thumbnail), and  click on "Open".

OK ,  done.

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ESOB (RStinson5)

From: ESOB (RStinson5)


ESOB HERE .... I have made many faux pas 's today ! That option of clearing up my posting via my computer hopefully will wake up my forum skills. The cell has been difficult to master.  I will select that great information via computer you posted to ME....I just might improve my posting skills. Thank heavEn for your help !


From: camper6


To find your attachments. On the right hand side at the top the Star My Forums. Click on that and the next screen shows attachments. Click on that and your attachments will appear. If you only have Basic you can delete any of the attachments to gain more space.