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No 'files' folder   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started Aug-27 by Jacko (JackLightnin); 470 views.

Suthjn gift me a PLUS membership on August 22, 2022 and it works in her forum like in chat and stuff, but I do NOT have the 'files' folder to stuff pictures in to make her forum pretty.

And there isn't no thing here like in her room to add the screen pictures I did.

Please help to fix them? Please and thank you.


From: gunter


I do see there is a problem.

checking with accounts ...

Msg 55059.4 deleted
In reply toRe: msg 2
Still no showing up and it has been two weeks :(

From: gunter


Sorry this is still stuck ... I'll nudge.

Try enabling another paid feature like Photos. Then log out and back in. 

Thank you, Kidmagnet! IT WORKT :) Did I sayt thank you? Well thank you way lots :)
Thanks anyways, Gunter. Kidmagnet sayt to able photos and leave them coms back. I did an now I got me files :) off to ust it now --------