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Rotations   General Information

Started Sep-9 by Keep My Trayce in your Prayers. (1NativeAngel); 366 views.

Was wondering if rotations are not allowed anymore?   I have been gone a month and a half and when I went to change my rotation it was gone.   

This is where you used to store your images for rotation

I don't see this in the source of your current signature. You'll need to check your account at that website and set up yoor images there again. Delphi itself has no system for auto rotating your sigs.

Yes, that is where mine is.   I will check it out.  Thanks for your help Kidmagnet.

OK l;et me know if I can help - I did search back to your old posts and it looked like the rotator was working.

Yes, they were, and I have i working now.  

Thanks again.