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list of forums chat   Forum Management

Started Dec-6 by you are cool (Charm1968); 365 views.
how do I get my forum on the list for forums in the chat list it has a bot but I don't see my room on the list of forums even when I press for forums it not private and not showing on my end is there a way to fix it so I can see it on the list of forums?

From: gunter


Controls, Forum Promotion,  needed to have 'Yes, Index my forum' checked. I've set that now.

let us know how it goes  ...

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I know I delete something in the list of forums but I don't know how to get it back but it a no go on my end. pls help cause it is the only one I am missing it was in profile at one time but now I don't know how to fix it.

From: gunter


Your favorite forums list in your Profile? I found it by clicking on Personalize all the way up on the right.  Needed to scroll down a lot to see it there. Clicked on it to make it show.

let us know if that's not it ...

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gotta have the hosted forum on it pls the rest is right but not the hosted forum
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also it was once private so can that be the reason I can't get it up as a public group?

From: gunter


I see it listing now:

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ty I see it now too ty so much