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Find posts by a member, across forums   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Jan-6 by RebeccahQP; 348 views.

From: RebeccahQP


Is there any way to search for posts by a specific forum member, across forums? I received a PM from someone who knows a little bit about me (stuff I've posted about) and wants to meet up while he is in the area with family, and gave his full name, phone number, and e-mail address. This is something members of one (two, actually) of the forums I visit do from time to time, but I don't recognize the screen name on the PM or the full name, and this screen name doesn't show up on my Free Delphi search of posts on the forum it's most likely to have come from. So I don't know if it's someone I know by screen name only who is using a different profile to send the PM, someone who lurks in one of the forums I regularly post to, someone who just hasn't posted in the past 3 months in the forum I've checked so far and so isn't turning up in my search, or if he's some kind of a stalker or scammer.

If possible, I'd like to search across forums to see if I can recognize him from his posts.

Meanwhile, I posted in one of my forums to the only person I know of who shares something in common with information in the PM and asked if he had PM'd me with a different profile, and asked him, if so, to please PM me again using his regular profile. I haven't replied to the PM. Obviously, I haven't e-mailed or phoned, either.



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From: RebeccahQP


OK, found him in the forum I thought he would be in, just hadn't done the search correctly. Still would like to know if there is a way to search across forums.


Waaaaaay back in the day there was, but Delphi no longer provides the means to do that. I've had some luck using Google with the membername + delphiforums




I've had some luck using Google with the membername + delphiforums

Sooo comforting knowing Google can do that, but Delphi can't.....

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I did not say Delphi "can't" do that, I said it no longer provides the means to.  

It's been a long time but I believe one explanation given for the change was that some were using it for nefarious reasons. 

Google doesn't give a rip what you use its search engine for.