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"No Discussions Found" in forum   Navigating Delphi Forums

Started Jan-11 by Kat and cat (Phantom7031); 493 views.
I get my Delphi notifications by email. Including for when there is a post to me in the forum Family Matters. When I go to the forum I get a notice "No Discussions Found."
Presumably that is for "unread messages to me."
I can see the folders on the sides and have been able to locate some of the posts to me by hunting through the topics when I know them (IE Always Tags, or if I actually posted in a thread and the person answered me)
If I don't know where a discussion is I cannot find the post
Forum owner Julea has nicely agreed to email posts from her.
Other posts are just lost.
Thanks in advance if you can fix this

From: gunter


The system doesn't show you logging in since November and months before that which may be confusing things?  Try logging out, closing browser, before coming back and logging in to take another look.  Log in from our frontpage or Links you use should have https, not just http.

Also, email notifications have links to the messages which should help finding them if needed.

let us know how it goes ...


From: gunter


May be related: Last login was Nov 5, just before resuming Standard Time.

In reply toRe: msg 2
ok. I am lazy and tend to leave my logins on a long time.
The messages "to me" were the ones I could not find, but I will log out and in for Delphi. I do have a login which shows only http for Delphi.
In reply toRe: msg 3

She's still getting this - I think it might be an unread message that was moved to a private folder(Archives) there but I cannot find it (I have access) A lot of the older messages to her are emoji or graphics and not clickable from the list you get when using Advanced Search. I'll keep trying to locate but it should eventually stop nagging her?


From: gunter


krathyn6 (Phantom7031) said:

When I go to the forum I get a notice "No Discussions Found."

How are you going to the forum - via the link in the  notifications or a bookmark or MyForums?

In reply toRe: msg 6
I don't have a bookmark. When I use the link in the notifications i go to the post that the notification was about, as expected.
It is when I come in through My Forums that I get this annoying "No Discussions Found." Often there is a notification in my forums that I have several in that forum. I have learnt to just go to the folders.
I hunt around until I find the responses to me. Sometimes I know the folder because I had requested a tag or because I remember posting in it.

From: gunter


When you get the no discussion, which address shows on top of the browser?

In reply toRe: msg 8
haven't looked. Will look next time that happens.
edited to add: the forumname which is