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Newest PMs have vanished   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 2/9/18 by Joy to You! (JOY337); 7057 views.
I have been PMing with someone who is trying to figure out how this new PM 'works' (or doesn't) and we exchanged several messages over the past three days.
Today she tells me that MY messages have vanished from her 'Inbox' . . I checked my own PM Inbox just now, and all of HER PMs to me have also disappeared.
Sad face here, and like so many others, I am WAY <pleased.

From: gunter


When you look in your Inbox, do you have a number of conversations showing, you've scrolled down the whole list for her membername and it's not there?

In reply toRe: msg 2
The PMs are sorted and appear with the latest ones at the top, and the missing ones are from the last two days. No need to scroll down or search for these exchanges because they are the only ones that I have sent/received since early January. I cannot speak for my friend, but I did not delete mine.

How did the conversation start? Did one of you access the PM form from a profile, or the mini profile on the forum? I too had a one off where the PM disappeared from both our ends. It never downloaded to my inbox though. I happened to have been typing a PM to another member when she sent it.

Adding screenshot for gunter's benefit. I'm confirming but I think she accessed the Send PM link via a mini profile on a Classic forum. I was testing that here Someone else sent the PM to my basic account the same way, error free.

CC to gunter
Hummie was trying to send me a PM and discovered the new PM window. I checked mine using the link at the top (new PMs). Shocked and shaken was pretty much the gist of the exchange, which included a couple of 'test' ones and trying to figure out this latest 'gift' from Delphi.
It isn't that losing the messages is a big deal at all, nothing important (or inspiring) was said. It is just weird that both of us had all the messages (must have been six or eight back-and-forth) just go, POOF overnight.
Thought it outt'a be reported, is all
((HUGS)) . . joy
Joy to You! (JOY337) said:

Thought it outt'a be reported, is all

Absolutely! I was just trying to help.

Joy to You! (JOY337)

From: Joy to You! (JOY337)


That's what she told me (about you) . . and you are SUCH a good helper too.
Just wish somehow I could trust that my beloved Classic format would last at least as long as I do.
Thanks Kid . . you're the best, I don't care what anybody says . . heehee

Two things:

One- Zeta and Classic are FORUM formats. Everything old is not Classic and everything new is not Zeta. But yes, change sucks for many people.


Two - Beloved bugs!

It'll get worked out. Just need to find out WHY it's working/not working like that!

Joy to You! (JOY337)

From: Joy to You! (JOY337)


If anyone can 'work it out' kiddo . . it'll be YOU . .
Thanks . .

That or I could accidentally blow the whole thing up... also something I'm great at.