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Newest PMs have vanished   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started 2/9/18 by Joy to You! (JOY337); 7092 views.
Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Joy to You! (JOY337) said:

Bah, humbug. If I wanted something like 'other sites' offer, I wouldn't have spent 18 years HERE.

I agree (to a point, but I do agree!)

I thikn my reply was confusing because I misunderstood your terminology so let me take another crack at this.

Joy to You! (JOY337) said:

My recent conversation is now sitting FAR below the top, beneath many that pre-date the latest entries by weeks. Mushing the 'sent' ones with the 'received' ones is very clever and I'm sure that someone is quite proud of the accomplishment, but it is not working as it should because the 'conversation' with the latest entries SHOULD always sort to the top of the list.

I apologies I thought you were saying the last PM sent in a conversation was loading at the bottom (as it should) but when you clicked on that particular conversation you were having to scroll for it.

When you look at your List Of Conversation it should absolutely be loading the way you have said. It will list the Conversations with an Unread message first, and then all the ones with 0 unread messages should follow with the most recent first. Clearly it is not working that way for all.

The problem occurred when they smooshed the two systems together. I thought they jiggled the system and everyone's false unreads got themselves sorted but it looks like that was not the case. One way to achieve this yourself is to go down the list of Conversations and click on any that have a number other than 0 in the unread bubble

Joy to You! (JOY337) said:

I'm tired of this conversation . . very.

Sorry, really I am. And you do not need to reply if you are just sick of the whole thing.

Joy to You! (JOY337)

From: Joy to You! (JOY337)


Thanks Kid . . I like your, 'smooshed' better than my 'mooshed' . . but either way, the result . . sigh . .

It is the 'smooshing' that has caused my problem with this new thing. I'm sure we all had (have?) our systems for managing the PMs. In my case, I very seldom bothered to look at my 'sent' messages. Folks would PM me about something and I would reply and that would be it. So, I had a very long list of folks to which I replied, then deleted their original PM. Now, all those 'replies' have come home to haunt me, and the list is quite long due to all these 'from me' relics.

I'm cleaning house in pure self defense . .

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Aha! Deletes - they mess with the conversations. That is probably what is messing up the way things are ordered.

Not good news for you but it makes my need for things to make sense happy. 

Thank you oh aptly named Joy! 

In reply toRe: msg 1

some thought's…..
yes, they "disapear"….
when one press "private message" on top of the site….just a few of the history shows up
when one press "show all"….there's SOME more that show up, BUT….not the latest…..
to see latest from a specific person, one have to press the "send private message" thru persons profile in a regular post….
next thing…..there should be JUST ONE way to send a message, when one written a message….JUST by press send-button…..
as it is now one can by accident send by press enter-button,
next thing… must continue to write everyting in one line/sentence….an' when come to an end the computer shift's to
line 2 (second line….)
there's NO chance to finish a line/sentence by press shift/enter to get to a new line….
INSTEAT the message get posted…..

every change is seen by us humans as NEGATIVE….
a sample….
if i work from 08:00-17:00, an' my boss say….from now on you have to work from 07:00-16:00
i say NOOOO…..(coz then i have to get up 1h earlier)…..
after 3 month my boss say….from now on you have to work from 08:00-17:00 again as you did in the past,
then i say NOOOOO ( coz i have to finish 1h later)……

same here……the GOOD OL' private messages was MUCH better
since i was used to it…..
this new version is a BIG mess….coz it don't behave similar as the ol'…..
IF those problems get fixed, i can accept the changes….BUT……as it is now i REALLY prefer the ol' version….
an' YEAH…..i run my forums in a CLASSIC view…..(for same reason….i know how the handle)

just some reflections….just my 2c

thank's for the rant/thank's for listening

Ive lost masses of pms. but I never deleted them.

From: gunter


On your MyForums page
you click on the Inbox tab. Is that where you are looking, do you have any PMs showing, scroll down the list?

gunter - some but by no means all. a lot of them were very old and I don't care. its just been a useful way of dating things.

no biggie but its annoying.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


I used both the old and newer PM systems since the release of Zeta. If I deleted some messages from a poster from my Profile inbox, I noticed there were unexpected holes in our conversation when viewed from a Zeta header. More than the deleted messages.

So I am wondering if it is like the forum discussions we move of delete that create black hole in which undeleted conversations fall into.


From: kizmet1


Lurked and found this thread.
The bottom line for me is "why the new format"? The original was easy and well liked and being sorely missed while the new is difficult and hard to follow.
I liked being able to scroll through the messages, find a title I was looking for and continue it no matter how far was.
Some PM's were from members who have passed away and I miss them but could pull up their advice for something when needed.

From: Gaelspirit


I too, have lost pms in my inbox in the past few days. I just clicked on one this morning (from the inbox) and it showed, but the person's profile came up for some reason, blocking the message, so I went back to my forums, then back to the inbox and the latest pm to me was nowhere to be found. I scrolled down the entire history list and nada. This had never happened to me before, even with the newer style of messaging.