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Renewal   Billing - Plus/Extra

Started Jun-13 by Sandy (BornFree2000); 1112 views.

I just re-subscribed today. And it shows a complimentary monthly plan. How do I make sure I am paying for the annual plan? I thought I had set up through PayPal but the payment info shows my bank account. Either is fine as long as I am paying for an annual membership for renewal.


From: WaltHowe


I see you setting it up for PayPal payment, which was accepted, and a few minutes later changing it to credit card payment. Check your PayPal account and see if the subscription is active there. If so, PayPal will pay us at the end of your free trial month anyway. Changing the payment method on Delphi does not reach PayPal. If you cancel the subscription in your PayPal account, the credit card will be charged at the end of the free month. If you leave it as it is, there is some risk that we will charge your card and PayPal will pay us, too. We (Delphi) cannot change your PayPal account subscription; only you can do that.

Thanks for your help. It is still showing as Basic one place and Plus on another.

In reply toRe: msg 6

I have cancelled the PayPal so the payment is correct. It is performing as Basic although it shows that it is Plus on the account page.


From: WaltHowe


Where do you see it performing as Basic? You definitely are on Plus.

DelphiBasic MemberĀ (account)

I have no rotator tags working and I am unable to use my Preferences as a Plus member.


From: gunter


Try logging out if you haven't done so. Close browser. See if that works when you come back and log in.


From: WaltHowe


Rotator tags? I know some software or javascript routines that will alternate pictures on a page. Is that what you mean. I can't say that we support them on Delphi, but if they worked before, they should now.

Be more specific on what you mean by using Preferences as a Plus member. What preferences?

I can't visit any of your forums, because they are all private.

I restarted my computer and it is working well now. The rotators have been working forever so that has never been an issue.

Thank you so very much for your assistance.

Hi Gunter. A few hours ago I changed my forum view on my android phone to desktop from mobile view, though I note that here it's still in mobile view.

How do I change it back because it's hard to read?