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Floating toolbar on zeta mobile   Technical Issues/Bugs

Started Sep-30 by RebeccahQP; 179 views.

From: RebeccahQP


This has been bugging me for a long time, bit now I'm fed up.  When I am posting on my phone, or editing a pit, sometimes the editing tool bar will pop up and obscure what I am typing.  Between the toolbar, the ad banner, and .h keyboard, I am typing completely blind most of the time.  Then the post button is nowhere to be found.  Sometimes through some random sequence of taps and drags I'm able to get the post button.  What the heck is causing this, and how can I make it stop?

Ok I see be long pressing on that edit toolbar, I can clear it and see the post button, but it's really annoying trying to type when I can't see anything.  And just forget about trying to edit like that.  The toolbar should scroll with the rest of the page.

This toolbar or a fuller one, more like you see on the full site?