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Death of a Host.   Forum Management

Started 3/6/23 by Hot Fun in the Summertime (1NativeAngel); 280 views.

I need help.   Evie the Host has passed away.  I am Co Host and want to keep the forum.  How do I become Host?  I do want to change the name of the forum etc.   

Would appreciate any help.  Thanks so much.


From: gunter


Unless the Host left instructions, the usual way to do this is to let members know what is happening, post in the forum that you want to be the new Host. When there is general agreement give us a link to the discussion and we'll make the switch.

In reply toRe: msg 2

As far as I know she left no such agreement.   I will make a new post and request all to say  yes or know on me becoming the new host.   Thanks so much.   

In reply toRe: msg 2

Need help, a post I asked the membership to vote on about me becoming the host is gone and also our theme has disappeared.   Can  you tell me why?

I found the post where I am asking the membership to vote.  It was in Archive.  


From: WaltHowe


Please identify the forum you are talking about. What is the address of the forum?


From: WaltHowe


After reading through your thread on succeeding EvieH and the responses, I made you the host. The forum dropped to Starter status when Evie's subscription expired, but it should be back to Premium status tomorrow, based on your Plus membership.

Good luck with the forum!


Thank you so much for all your help.   You and the staff here are wonderful.