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Blasphemy is now a sackable offence   The big invasion

Started 7/10/19 by CreeKree; 2718 views.

From: Bolomco


Not the first nor the last person being fired for political and religious views....

The third world will destroy anyone with the help of the left and their idiotic behavior 

ADDLER (DitmarP)

From: ADDLER (DitmarP)


We let backward tribes into our country, we get backward laws and mentality!!


From: RGoss99


I might agree with your point, if you could present some facts as in context, and an exact quote as to what was posted. Given these I suspect that this guy was not fired for blasphemy, but something quite different, and possibly justified.

Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)



Examiner Live reports that Brian Leach, a 54-year-old disabled till worker, has been sacked from his job in a Dewsbury Asda because he shared a Billy Connolly video about religion on his personal Facebook page.

The examiner has all the details, right there at the link - have you just skip over it?

And this guy isn't the first guy getting FIRED for the same cause...


Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


#RogerScruton #UK #MartinaMarkota

Martina Markota: Odious media lies got Roger Scruton fired

Rebel Media Published on Apr 11, 2019
Martina Markota of The Rebel reports on how lies from the media got conservative philosopher Roger Scruton fired from the UK Beautiful Building Commission.

Martina Markota Rebel Contributor

Our Bookshelf -  Roger Scruton: The People by the People



From: RGoss99


read the link and am not convinced that the link has "all" the details.

At the same time, he might not be the first guy fired, at the same time he is probably not the first guy fired for something that is more complicated then what is reported.

If it was that simple, he would have a Good chance of getting his job back or compensation if he went to court. Note we do not have both sides of the story.

Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


You can always get the 'Kriminalpolizei' detectives for investigation the incidents at work.

They might collect the data you need, interview victims and witnesses and question suspects. You can always get detectives which may also involved in the location of gone astray persona and the recovery of their property.

Investigators may be consigned to precinct detective squads or one of dozens of specialized investigative units that have borough, citywide or regional jurisdiction. This can make you happy!

Plump (Fat_Bunny)

From: Plump (Fat_Bunny)


Community shocked by Dewsbury suicide bomber

5 News Published on 15 Jun 2015

Community leaders in Dewsbury say they are shocked by the death of a teenager believed to be Britain's youngest suicide bomber. 17-year-old Talla Asmal is reported to have died while fighting for the so-called Islamic State in Iraq. His family say he was a 'kind and caring boy who'd been groomed by extremists on the internet. Chief Correspondent Tessa Chapman visited the town.


From: CreeKree


The Hitchens brothers were always on the right track, indeed!  thumbsup