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Facebook Silences Deneen Borelli   Polically UnPressed

Started 7/22/19 by Miyuko; 1191 views.

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How embarrassing - and no thrills!  worried


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Totally underated, if you ask me, she has cool opinions! blush

I have never heard of her before! 


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They cannot leave the old house that easily....

Facebook already controls our information. Don’t let it control our commerce - Nadim Kobeissi, Quillette, 20 August 2019

In recent years, not a month has gone by without yet another unsettling exposé of Facebook’s content-moderation policies and corporate machinations. One report from February explained how Facebook moderators can end up believing the conspiracies they’re hired to weed out. In another case, Facebook’s top executives hired lobbyists  to present some of its critics as extremists. Facebook’s platform and subsidiaries have even been linked to the the incitement of genocide in Myanmar and  deadly lynch mobs in India.

Not so long ago, in the days when using proto-social media meant dialing up to a CompuServe or AOL chat room, we never could have imagined (those of us old enough to remember that time, at least) that the name of a company like Facebook would appear in the headlines of breaking stories about geopolitics. But in 2019, it’s an everyday occurrence.

Facebook runs the world’s biggest social media platform. It also runs Instagram, the world’s second biggest social media platform, and several large messaging platforms, including WhatsApp. It has become perhaps the most important de-facto news-delivery platform in the world. While journalists and academics often focus on Twitter (because that’s where they conduct their arguments), it is Facebook that has a chokehold on how ordinary people communicate, manage their friendships, and learn about what is happening in the world. And all the while, Facebook is scraping data about your relationships and contacts, feeding you targeted ads, and profiling you to determine which content will keep you more engaged and 
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