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Guidelines for Islamophobia   Polically UnPressed

Started 9/6/19 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 297 views.

Revealed: the press regulator’s leaked guidelines on Islamophobia - Will Heaven, The Spectator, 5 September 2019

If truthful reporting risks increasing tension between communities, should it still be published? Do journalists have a social duty to repress certain topics which are unhelpful? These questions tend to separate free societies from those countries where the press is muzzled. In Britain, there has been a tradition: readers decide what is acceptable. But that tradition is under threat, not just from politicians but from the press regulator itself.

You may not have heard of the Independent Press Standards Organisation, but it’s worth knowing about. It regulates this magazine and most British newspapers. When it was set up five years ago, its rules, laid out in the Editors’ Code, were meant to enforce accuracy and basic standards.

But in recent years, journalists have noticed Ipso branching out into ‘correcting’ opinion pieces. . . signs of Ipso being manipulated by activists. . . clear some of these activists now have a very far-reaching, more worrying, agenda.

For months, Ipso has been working on a new project: an ‘informal working group’ to guide journalists on what should and shouldn’t be said about Islam and Muslims. Drafts of this guidance have been leaked to Policy Exchange by someone concerned about where it might lead, and it is examined in a new study by the thinktank called Eroding the Free Press. I (Will Heaven - managing editor of The Spectator) can disclose it here for the first time.




I'm dead scared that my family get randomly killed by an Islamist or a leftwing nut that gives these killers a freeway into our country!!

Does this make me Islamobic or not?

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From: funiki


I agree with him...

Richard Dawkins on Twitter rows and Islamophobia

Channel 4 News
Published on 23 Sep 2015



From: GonghisKhan


Facts - the reason people get scared

2019.09.08 (Burkina Faso)
An Islamist ambush on a convoy carrying food to refugees leaves fourteen dead.

2019.09.08 (Burkina Faso)
Jihadists plant a mine that kills fifteen traders.

2019.09.08 (Iraq)
A Shiite pilgrim is discovered shot in the head.

2019.09.05 (Afghanistan)
A Shahid suicide bomber slaughters twelve outside a busy diplomatic area.

2019.09.03 (Mali)
Women and children are among fourteen bus passengers sent to Allah by Jihadi bombers.

2019.09.02 (Afghanistan)
A massive suicide blast targeting foreigners leaves at least sixteen dead.


From: Jesulvis


That violent part is daily! 

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From: Jesulvis


Aren't we sick and tired of having to stoop down to newly arrived capricious migrants? Where I work, I am very careful with my wording but I will say it is part of Canadian mentality to be polite, and we are attached to it the way it is currently run. I am stunned we don't show-off our passport on random check when we enter at work. 


From: Wabbeet


For some of the bullies there's no guidelines - when someone  hasn't been under their commands. ... they want to control every aspect of everyone's life like the commies have done!!!

Debb-Ca (canadianaca)

From: Debb-Ca (canadianaca)


A couple of Christmas ago, a Lebanese grocery store in Toronto had decoration for the occasion all over his front door, and group of Muslim trashed his store over night on the 24th of December leaving graffiti saying KAFEERS have to die, all store windows were broken. 

He escaped the Lebanese war in 70s, with his family where Christians were killed by the fedayeen only to find some in Canada as well.

YES ! I might be ISLAMOPHOBIC from these people that kill peace... absolutely NOTHING was mentioned in the news, I only found out because a lot of people I know from work shop there for imported food products because it close to us. 


Debb-Ca (canadianaca)

From: Debb-Ca (canadianaca)


Trudeau grands special advocacy to every race, doctrine, religion and immigrant above life long Canadians. They get the whole range of things, special rules and supplementary rights. What did the A-hole expect to happen since they bring over their culture?

Can't wait for October, please Vote him out!!! 

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From: Jesulvis


Curently Trudeau holds on a minority government, and soon he may totally be kicked out!