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COVID-19: the bluffer’s guide   Polically UnPressed

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From: Guard101


COVID-19: the bluffer’s guide

‘That’s the viral test. I’m talking about the antibody test’

COVID-19 may have prevented us from going to bars and talking nonsense, but there’s nothing to stop us drinking at home and talking nonsense on Zoom. Problem is, COVID information is multiplying faster than a virus on a vagrant’s tongue. Here’s 11 tips for bluffing your way through the greatest challenge in our lifetimes: sounding like you know what’s going on and what to do next.

Dominic Green
Dominic Green is Life & Arts editor of Spectator USA. He thinks he had it in December.



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COVID-19 in Canada: Ford cancels rest fo Ontario's school year, Tam's take on Trump's drug therapy

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread around the world, Canadians seem to be increasingly concerned about their health and safety Currently, there are more than 78,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in Canada and more than 5,500 deaths.

The Ontario government has announced in-person learning will be cancelled for the rest of the school year. The province has indicated all students who were on track to graduate from secondary school before the March closure will be able to graduate. Ford said all students completing the school year at home will receive their final report cards.

Later this summer, the government is expected to announce a plan for learning and safety protocols 2020-21 school year. A gradual reopening of child care is expected to begin when the province moves to Stage 2 of its reopening plan. Minister Lecce said the spacing of students will be “critical” when classroom learning resumes. Independent commission into long-term care facilities


Yahoo News Canada Elisabetta Bianchini,Yahoo News Canada 20 minutes ago

Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


The entire Covid-19 announcement is very suspicious to me!


From: Guard101


W.H.O - are corrupt!

I don't believe anything of it anymore!


Coronavirus: How WHO Corruption Helped It Spread

China Uncensored
22 Feb 2020

Rampant corruption within the United Nations World Health Organization is putting lives at risk during the deadly coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, China. Why did the WHO delay issuing a global emergency? Has Chinese money influenced the WHO and it's Director General Tedros Adhanom? And what about poor Taiwan?

Ella (Steellar)

From: Ella (Steellar)


Wonderful and thoughtful opinion!