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American Airlines lay off    Polically UnPressed

Started Aug-27 by Samurai (BushMesh); 92 views.
Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


'The hardest message': American Airlines to lay off 17,500 front-line workers due to coronavirus travel slump.

American Airlines warned in July that it would have to lay off up to 25,000 flight attendants, pilots and other front-line workers this fall due to the steep decline in travel brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

The final number came in lower thanks to voluntary employee exits and long-term leaves but the figure is still staggering: 17,500 workers. That is in addition to 1,500 management and administrative workers already laid off.

American CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom delivered the news to employees on Tuesday, calling it the most sobering update they've had to make since the pandemic began.

Dawn Gilbertson, USA TODAY
August 25, 2020



From: Miyuko


WELL? smirk

Not as many people are travelling anymore!!


From: Dot_hoe


No passenger - no flights!!

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From: BarthaS


This is just a start!

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Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Air travel will not return to pre-Covid levels for at least three more years, according to a Moody’s report, airlines are preparing to move ahead with mass job cuts once aid runs out... as many airline hubs are located in swing states, those cuts will fall heavily on areas Trump needs to win.

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Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


The hazard of job loss in the airline industry has been obvious since the virus first materialized. Few people are eager to travel in enclosed steel tubes and risk becoming sick, or worse, so U.S. air travel has fallen. A $25 billion relief package under the CARES Act mitigated the employment effects by forbidding airlines from involuntarily furloughing workers before Oct. 1. For months, airlines and workers’ unions have been imploring Congress and the president to extend that payroll aid, without any success.

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Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


No one in my family have travelled for a year now, and many haven't travelled either!