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Medieval Times Blasphemy laws    The big invasion

Started 7/19/19 by Lana (Redneckbab1); 141 views.
Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


Blasphemy laws dating back to the Medieval Times were abolished in England and Wales in 2008. Equivalent laws remain in Scotland and Northern Ireland but have not been used for many years.

English blasphemy laws were historically defended with the following reasoning: the "[blasphemy] law is needed to uphold the national law, which is based on Christianity. Thus, targeting Christianity is targeting the very foundation of England."

In a number of countries where Islam is the state religion, Islamic sharia law is the principal legislation, or affects the laws of the country.

Blasphemy in Islam is impious utterance or action concerning God, Muhammad or anything considered sacred in Islam.

The Islamic holy book, the Qur'an, admonishes blasphemy, but does not specify the punishment. The hadiths, which are another source of sharia, suggest various punishments for blasphemy.

Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws | Unreported World

Unreported World
Published on 14 Apr 2019

Unreported World is in Pakistan, investigating the country’s blasphemy laws. They meet the lawyers following up blasphemy allegations and prosecute the accused. For the most serious cases, the sentence is life on death row. Marcel Theroux is in Lahore to talk to the families of the alleged blasphemers - and learn if the new government is ready to execute the convicted. The Supreme Court is yet to uphold any of the death sentences issued by lower courts.



From: Seaguil


A lot of pain and unfairness under the name of an ancient man, the known desert warmonger!!!


From: Petulance


When people accept this one time it spreads and remains in the community forever.

Plump (Fat_Bunny)

From: Plump (Fat_Bunny)


2019.07.21 (Pakistan)  always at war
A suicide bomber accompanied by gunmen carve up the entrance to a hospital.

The blast damaged the emergency room and forced it to shut down, according to a hospital official, who said the wounded were taken to a military hospital. The official spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.


C J (CardJoker)

From: C J (CardJoker)


Medival times comming to a region near you!!