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America's Coming Three-Party System   Discussions

Started 2/15/20 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 63 views.

America’s coming three-party system - Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times, 2 February 2020, Updated 5 February 2020

... One is Trump’s Republican Party. Call them the Trumpetarians. We can see them roughly once a week at one of his rallies, so we know who they are—and they are enthusiastic, to say the least.

... Two is the Sanders- or AOC-led socialist party. (Elizabeth Warren has gone back to the reservation.) Call them the Bolivarians because of Sanders’s high-esteem for the likes of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, and other Latin American autarchs only slightly less ruthless than El Ché. (They may call themselves democratic socialists, but then, most socialists did, at the beginning.)

The Bolivarian rank-and-file, aka Bernie Bros., may be clueless about what they’re getting into, but they are, nevertheless, also absolutely enthusiastic.

... Three is the old guard Democratic Party plus the NeverTrumpers (all fifty of them, including Bill Kristol). Call this group the Deep Staters.

They are not enthusiastic.

In fact, as of now, the Deep Staters are in a panic because they are being outstripped by the other two parties. 

... Ironically … the Deep Staters’ (i.e. traditional Democrats) only hope is Trump. Should Trump defeat Sanders really badly in the general election, McGovern badly or something similar—in other words, a rout—the Bolivarians will have to climb back on their old nag and ride back to Venezuela to lick their wounds, not to be seen hereabouts for a long time. The Democratic Party can go back to its old games.


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It's ridiculous that intelligent American are on to believing what canard politicians say just to become a top superpower leader, it's all about manipulation the dollar…