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Financial Institution's - Jab Competition   Polically UnPressed

Started Sep-20 by Harold27Z; 48 views.

From: Harold27Z


A Financial Institution which shall remain nameless, sent out a circular about a competition for those taking the jab.

In similar circumstances, you are welcome to use my reply below as a template.

Lest I be labelled as an "anti-vaxxer", I hereby advocate for Liberals to maximize their jabs and take as many boosters as they can scrounge.

The injections are an IQ test so their consequent demise will raise the average IQ.

No need to thank me profusely.  Twice will suffice.


Attention: Financial Institution Management

Circa 2009, the WHO definition of "pandemic" was conveniently amended to EXCLUDE the words "killing enormous numbers of people".

Thus any petty illness, killing nobody, can be described as a "pandemic" as an excuse to somehow justify lockdowns.

On 2021-09-01, the WHO definition of a "vaccine" was conveniently "diluted" whereby it no longer needs to provide "immunity".

Indeed, the inventor of the PCR test said it is NOT suitable for detecting the current "pandemic" which has NOT been isolated whereby one could identify its "hallmark signature finger-print" shape.

Kindly provide the said isolation results.   It should not be too difficult nor beyond the scope of Financial Institution's resources.

The Nuremberg Code insists upon the principle of INFORMED CONSENT.

It is unclear why Financial Institution is promoting jabs containing irreversible Graphene Oxide and DNA altering nano-tech whose long term side-effects are unknown.

Nor is there any compensation for adverse reactions from blood-clots to heart inflammation and motor-neuron related incapacities.

Kindly advise upon what basis has Financial Institution confirmed the jabs do NOT impair natural immunity ?

Kindly advise what your ETHICS COMMITTEE says about jab ingredients including abortion tortured baby tissue ?

Has your ETHICS COMMITTEE researched historical medical malpractice by the jab producers vis-a-vis court awards ?

Monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees share most of our human DNA but are denied human-rights due to NOT being categorised as fully human.

Thus, DNA-altering jabs have profound legal implications for entitlement to human rights.  Please clarify how I may be mistaken.

Financial Institution has failed to mention inexpensive alternative treatments with proven track-records.

There is wall-to-wall coverage of the current trendy illness but no mention of the micro 0.005% affected prior to getting jabbed.

Most of those micro 0.005% had a combination of co-morbidity factors including old-age, cancer, diabetes, weak-lungs, obesity etc.

Most current hospitalisations appear to be jabbed people - which speaks volumes.

Medical history is replete with instances where the "settled science" became "unsettled".

  The doctor who advocated scrubbing hands between baby deliveries was hounded until proven correct.

  Thalidomide was considered beneficial until babies were born with missing or deformed limbs.

  Spraying people with DDT was originally considered "settled science" by medical establishments.

  Doctors openly promoted smoking until linkage with cancer became undeniable.

  Watch "Run From The Cure" to see how non-profitable, non-chemical proven cancer cures are prosecuted. 

  The person who originally initiated Fluroride in municipal water, later discovered it lowers average IQ.

In view of Financial Institution's lack of due-diligence, one must consider it's competence to handle investments.

It is unclear why Financial Institution has not made an equal fuss about Aids, TB, Ebola, Bilharzia etc nor insisted upon compensation for medical malfeasance.

It is morally unethical to promote jabs via a competition.   It is unclear how your prizes can trump the balanced risk factor.

Keep your unethical prizes whether they are cash, ice-cream or hamburgers.

I look forward to receiving your clarifications so I can proceed with the zeal of the newly converted.